Powering the Last Billion

Apr 01, 2019

Source/Author : Ethan Zindler

Access to the complete study : https://bit.ly/2UoiNtc

Published at : 7th March 2019

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Presentation to the World Bank Group Energy & Extractives Week



●  New energy technology costs have dropped farther and faster than many anticipated.

●  This is rapidly making clean energy viable in many new countries and contexts.

●  These trends – cheaper renewables + batteries, more efficient appliances – will continue over the next decade thanks to economies of scale.

●  The changes alone will not make it possible to deliver universal energy access by 2030.

●  But they will make getting there far less costly.

●  Better policies and cooperation from governments, state-owned utilities, and others will be required.

●  But this is doable!




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