The EU’s Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) for Sustainable Energy

Mar 22, 2019

Source/Author : The EU’s Technical Assistance Facility 

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Published at : March 2019


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WHAT'S NEW : Field Facts & Findings 

New 35 M Eur ElectriFi Window for Bangladesh

A RE/EE Market Assessment mission to Bangladesh found favourable conditions for private sector investment in sustainable energy, and laid the foundations for an ElectriFI Country Window worth 35 million Eur.

Myanmar’s Renewable Energy Landscape

By identifying the most suitable technologies and locations, as well as the potentially successful business models for renewable energy projects, the TAF mission provides an insightful picture of Myanmar’s renewable energy landscape. Private sector investments are investigated, including the continuous presence of China.

Africa-wide Guidelines Promoting Energy Efficiency

Over 50 Continental and regional actors of the African Union (AU) agreed on Harmonized Continental Transmission Tariffs, as well as Guidelines for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Eco-Design Labelling for the African Continent this March, at a Technical Meeting hosted at the AUC headquarters.


WHAT'S NEXT : Upcoming Missions

  • Mobilization of the EU Technical Assistance Facility in Tajikistan

  • Ethiopia - tender documents for mini-grids, pre-feasibility studies, SAS tender documents, identification of bankable projects

  • IOC - Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Buildings in the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) Member States


WHAT WE DO : The EU's Technical Assistance Facility for Sustainable Energy 

  • Focus on: Asia

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