Off-grid appliance market survey

Nov 30, 2018

Source/author : Efficiency for Access

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Efficiency for Access was organized in 2015 as a year-long call to action and collaborative effort led by the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) and Sustainable Energy for All, with the aim of harnessing the power of energy efficiency to accelerate universal access to energy. Now UK aid, Power Africa, the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group, Rockefeller Foundation, Shell Foundation, Sida, EnDev, Good Energies Foundation, and more have joined together under a scaled-up Efficiency for Access Coalition to promote energy efficiency as a potent catalyst in global clean energy access efforts.

The Coalition recognizes the latent demand for modern energy services, and is seizing this opportunity to scale up markets and reduce prices for new super-efficient products by supporting technological innovation, and improving sector coordination. In this way, the Coalition supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7, to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

There are positive signals from energy access professionals, as well as development finance institutions and other funders engaged in the sector – including the Efficiency for Access Coalition’s donor roundtable – towards a more holistic approach to electrification. There is also growing interest in enabling and scaling higher levels of energy access that go beyond household electrification to powering appliances for productive use, as well as for institutions such as schools and health clinics. However, very little market data exists to inform potential investment decisions of Efficiency for Access Coalition donors, as well as the business and design decisions of market actors looking to expand to new product areas. Our appliance market survey is one key input to informing this prioritization.

In 2014, and again in late 2016, in partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development, the United Nations Foundation, Power Africa, and many others, CLASP – via the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) – conducted a survey of energy access professionals to assess the expected demand for and impact of off- and weak-grid1 appliances. In 2018, this survey was conducted under the broader framework of Efficiency for Access.

Unlike previous years, this year’s survey was branched at the outset, and respondents were asked to indicate their interest in answering questions across household, business/productive use, and healthcare appliances. This increased response rates across the board, and allowed for a deeper dive into differences in ranking across household versus income-generating activities. The healthcare segment was also disaggregated into two sections – infrastructure and medical appliances – to allow for further detailing of perceived demand.

This year, the third iteration of the biannual Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey received significant attention from the energy access sector, with 135 full responses from industry, policy, and development stakeholders all over the world. The respondent pool skewed primarily towards a lens of energy service providers (59% of respondents) operating across sub-Saharan Africa (52% of respondents).


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