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  • Global off-grid solar market report semi-annual sales & impact data

    Dec 03, 2018

    Source/author : GOGLA

    Read article : https://bit.ly/2EeMYsE


    Data Processing
    Companies are classified either as distributors of other companies’ branded products or as manufacturers if they are selling their own branded products. Only aggregate data from companies categorized as manufacturers is presented here to avoid doublecounting. In this reporting round, this amounts to 49 companies out of the 67 that participated in the data collection

    Market Share Represented
    This report only includes data on products sold by affiliates, meaning GOGLA members or companies that sell Lighting Global quality verified products. Based on previous analysis by Dalberg Advisors for the Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2018, we estimate that the sales data reported here represents around 30% of all global sales of small systems (<11 Wp) products and 60-80% of solar kits with over 11 Wp solar panels. This proportion varies substantially from country to country; the market share estimates for non-affiliates devices globally and across nine national markets can be found in the table below.

    Table 2 - Market share estimates of affiliate devices against the whole market

    Data Collection Process
    As in the previous rounds, this data collection and reporting process was overseen by the Dutch management consultancy firm Berenschot, while Lighting Global and GOGLA provided specialized industry knowledge within the research team. Both the online questionnaire and the results platform were programmed by Getting Social, a Dutch web development company.

    All data is self-reported by the companies, and while it is cross-checked for consistency, the companies are ultimately responsible for accurate reporting of product specifications, pricing information, sales volumes and locations of sales. Companies may also choose to report sales volumes but not revenues.

    Data Checks
    The research team checked the submitted data for consistency and logic with respect to previously collected data by Berenschot or Lighting Global. Based on these checks, some small adjustments have been made concerning product performance specifications and the ‘quality verified’ status of products where necessary.

    Missing Data
    Where meaningful data was missing, we tried to address this by consulting our existing data sets, or by contacting respondents. Unfortunately, even after these actions, some data is still missing.

    Data on a specific region, country or product category is only included when it has satisfied the three-data point rule, meaning that at least three separate product manufacturers have reported data for any single data point. When we have fewer than three responses for a region, country or product category, no results are shown to protect the proprietary interests of the companies who have supplied data in support of this industry report.

    Country Categorization
    Sales data is provided in this report for all countries where at least three companies reported sales; in this reporting round, this amounts to 46 countries. The regional groupings in this report follow the World Bank country and lending groups3 . For sub-regional groupings in Sub-Saharan Africa, the United Nations categorization of geographical sub-regions is used4.

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