Fact sheet: global off-grid appliance market

Oct 29, 2018

Source/author : Power For All

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Off-grid appliances are appliances that can operate in resource-constrained settings or that are designed to operate in off-grid energy systems such as low-voltage DCsolar home systems or on AC/DC mini-grids. In this fact sheet,the most up-to-date data on off-grid appliances -their demand, markets, impacts and consumer behaviors -is presented, drawing primarily from three new reports.

Global demand for productive use (or‘income-generating’) appliances is onthe rise - global market trends point at a shift toward larger appliances

A drastic shiftis observed in consumer preference from lighting and mobile charging towardswater pumping and refrigeration forincome generation purposes. This trend suggests thatthe global off-grid sector may be shifting its focus to large productive use appliances.(E1, 22-23) Solarwater pumps and cold storage (both large agricultural units and small commercial units) are the highest demanded appliances among off-grid consumers and also have the highest perceived impact.(E1, 22) Actual sales for some appliances such as refrigerators and milk chilling units are lowerthan reported demand, indicating an untapped market potential for DRE sector.(E1,7) »

Globally, LED lighting remains the house hold appliance in highest demand 3 years in a row- geography and gender contribute to variations in consumers’demand for appliances

In the global off-grid household appliance market LED lighting is still in highest demand,followed by televisions and mobile phones.Refrigerators and fans have been steadily moving up the rank since 2014 and ranks 4th and 5th in appliance demand respectively for 2018.(E1, 13) The household demand for products is not necessarily correlated with the socio economic impact of that appliance.(E1, 22-23) Web routers and internet connectivity appliances, although not yet in high demand, show a strong impact potential where used.(E1, 13) Geographic and climatic factors contribute to variations in demand for certain off-grid appliances such as fans and air conditioning units.(E1, 17-18) 37% ofrespondents in an off-grid appliance market survey acknowledged differences between male and female consumers’ demand for certain appliances. Clothes washers and cookers,for example, are in much higher demand among women.(E1, 15) »

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