Peering into the future : India and the distributed standalone solar products market

Jan 02, 2019

Source/author : GOGLA

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Outlook for the distributed standalone solar products market in India

India represented over 30% of the global volume share, and revenue share, for the distributed standalone solar products sector in the first half of 2018 (as reported in the H1 2018 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report). It remains the world’s single largest market for portable lanterns, while continuing to hold potential for a range of other products too despite there being a thrust towards electrification.

Figure 2: Comparative revenue of the standalone solar products by country

Source: GOGLA H1 Global off-grid solar market report

The market in India consists of two distinct components: (a) the private player driven market and (b) the government driven market. The private player-driven market consists of an ecosystem of enterprises that have developed consumer-led business models for their products. The government-driven market consists of (a) subsidy programs and (b) programs where the government is a customer.

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