Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE)

Dec 09, 2018

Source/author : Worldbank
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The latest edition of the Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) finds that in the past decade, the number of countries with strong policy frameworks for sustainable energy has more than tripled since 2010, with a dramatic increase in the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency targets.

However, the report warns that the world, as a whole, is only about half way towards the adoption of advanced policy frameworks for sustainable energy, leaving significant room for improvement in order to reach global climate goals and the sustainable energy goal on energy (SDG7).

RISE 2018: Policy Matters — a global stocktaking of policies and regulations to achieve SDG7 – measures country-level adoption of policies and regulations for electricity access, clean cooking, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

With indicators covering 133 countries and representing 97 percent of the world’s population, RISE 2018 provides a reference point for policymakers to benchmark their policies and regulatory frameworks against those of regional and global peers and identify any gaps that may hinder their progress toward universal energy access.


"Policy matters. RISE 2018 confirms the numbers that make it clear that policy is a leading indicator of the world’s sustainable energy transition. But the report also contains a warning: that without accelerated adoption of good policies, and strong enforcement, the world’s climate goals and SDG7 are at risk."


Riccardo Puliti

Senior Director for Energy and Extractives, World Bank

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