Off-grid solar market trends report 2018

Jan 01, 2018

Source/author : Worldbank
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The sector’s growth since 2010 has been impressive. It has seen:

• Substantial cumulative sales (over 130 million devices since 2010), growth (~60% CAGR), and significantly increased penetration (~17%) of the global potential market of off- and unreliable-grid households. The total sales value generated by the OGS sector has exceeded USD 3.9 billion.


• Emergence of three product categories (pico, plug-and-play SHS, and component-based systems), catering to lighting and beyond (e.g. communication, cooling, entertainment, refrigeration), and two distinct business models (cash-based versus Pay-As-You-Go).


• Significant market entry and private sector engagement from an increasingly diverse, global pool of manufacturers and distributors. These include “affiliates,” who are engaged with Lighting Global and/or GOGLA, and “non-affiliates,” who belong to a broader universe. Less is known about these non-affiliates, who comprise an estimated 71% of pico sales today.


• Increasing interest and commitments from investors, including commercial debt and equity players, since 2014. More than USD 500 million has been raised in the past two years alone.


• Growing acknowledgement from development institutions who are committing significant resources to the sector. For example, more than 25 countries are now engaged in partnerships with the World Bank Group (mostly in SSA) to build capacity and deploy funding to the sector. The estimated impact of this growth has been far-reaching

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